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Yebelsa Public Library Project

“Literature is the principal gateway to knowledge of values, the aesthetic sense and the imagination in every culture”

AIZON initiated in 2004 a library project in Bahar Dar and has collected nearly 3,000 books so-far through donations from institutions such as the Red Cross, NGOs and private donations. It is envisioned that the library will be visited by wide range of people, from students at Bahar Dar University to poorer women and children living in the surrounding area. Once in operation, the books can be consulted free of charge by any citizen of Ethiopia. A computerized database has been developed to register books. In addition, AIZON plans to organize social events such as poetry competitions, keeping alive various forms of intangible cultural expression, encouraging their revitalization and their transmission from one generation to the next.

The land on the site of the library is degraded and was replanted with forest species as part of the arboretum's activities. The library will therefore offer a quiet and conducive environment for learning.

Design of AIZON library in Bahar Dar. The design is inspired by the church of St George in Lalibela
The famous St. Georges church in Lalibela which inspired the design of the library

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