Protection of the “Yebelsa” Spring Water


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Protection of the “Yebelsa” Spring Water

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Protection of the “Yebelsa” Spring Water

On the library site, a small spring provides fresh water which is also collected by the nearby population. The water is believed to be the purest in the area. Visual observations of the terrain shows that the spring has a local origin; the hill above the spring drains rainfall into small channels but part of the water is absorbed into deep layers of the soil and then slowly flows laterally to reappear at the surface on the escarpment formed by a nearby seasonal stream. The “Yebelsa” spring is the only clean water source in the area but its flow has decreased in the past years, probably due to the destruction of Bezawit forest trees. Moreover, the “Yebelsa” relates to local tradition, culture and legends. Therefore this spring and its catchment area should be protected from disturbances in order that the local population can continue to use its water. The site of the spring has been upgraded by AIZON with dry stone work, particularly in the area surrounding the spring in order to keep the area clean from mud and local pollutions. The Yebelsa spring is now under the protection of AIZON.

Women in villages close to AIZON arboretum collecting water at Yebelsa Spring. Bahar Dar, July 2004  

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